International Superhits- Geek Stink Breath

10. dubna 2008 v 8:33 |  GD- texty
Geek Stink Breath
I'm on a mission
I made my decision
To lead a path of self-destruction
A slow progression
Killing my complexion
And it's rotting out my teeth

I'm on a roll
No self control
I'm blowing off steam with
Meth Amphetamine
Don't know what I want
That's all that I've got
And I'm picking scabs off my face
Every hour my blood is turning sour

And my pulse is beating out of time

I found a treasure
Filled with sick pleasure
And it sits on a thick white line
I'm on a mission
I got no decision like a cripple
Running the rat race
Wish in one hand and shit in the other
And see which one gets filled first

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