1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours- The Judge´s Daughter

26. května 2009 v 10:23 | Nira |  GD- texty
The Judge´s Daughter

Princess in a schoolgirl's dream
May I please speak with you?
I'm having troubles with control
and it's all because of you
Today I kept on falling down
I thought it was the street
so I look down at my shoes
They were on the wrong feet

I find it hard to be myself
(can you please explain?)
I do not think that it's my health
(you're the one to blame)
You're the one I wish I had
And now my girlfriend is getting mad
(I cannot call this sane)

Today as I was walking down
You bumped into me
You said excuse me and walked away
As I dropped to my knees
I prayed to the being in the sky
That my parents told me of
I asked about you but no reply
No clues about your love
My girlfriend left me on the phone
I'm pathetically left here alone
( I cannot call this sane)

Can we find away
so that you can stay
I think I'm gonna pop.

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